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Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

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Manas Wildlife Sanctuary Tour is home to a great variety of wild animals.

Why Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, a Project Tiger reserve, lies among the foothills of the Bhutan Himalayas, in the far eastern state of Assam. Lying on a gentle slope in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a great variety of wild endangered animals, including many endangered bird species. The Manas River passing through the western portion of the wildlife national park of Manas, where it splits into three separate rivers, and joins the Brahmaputra some 64km further south. Initially known as North Kamrup, Manas wildlife conservation park was given the status of a wildlife sanctuary way back in 1928 and in 1985, was declared a World Heritage in Danger’ site. The Major attractions here are - tigers, elephants, rhinos and golden langur.

Key Factors about Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
State : Assam, in the northeast of India.
Climate : The climate is warm and humid (up to 76% relative humidity) with most rain falling during the monsoon season (May-September). The mean maximum summer temperature is 37°C and the mean minimum winter temperature is 11°C. Mean annual rainfall ranges from 3332mm at Batabari to 4489mm at Kachugaon
Area : 2,837 sq km.
Mode of Visit : Air, Rail or Road.
Travel Tips : If you’re keen on visiting Manas, make prior enquiries at the nearest Assam Tourism Development Corporation office, and find out whether it’s safe or not to go ahead. In any case, you’ll need to make arrangements through the ATDC, who will ensure that a police escort is provided.
Best time to visit : October to April.
Nearest Town : Barpeta (40 km).

How to Reach in Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
The Manas National Park is located approximately 176 km from Guwahati city, which is the nearest major airport. The capital of Assam, Guwahati has regular flights coming in from most major cities in, and getting to Manas from here isn't a problem. It actually makes a lot of sense to drive down because the roads are very motorable. State transport authorities and private operators have bus services to Manas wildlife conservation from Guwahati. You can also hire taxis to Manas from Guwahati.

International Airport : At Kolkata (1182 km) from Guwahati.
Airport : Guwhati 176 kms.
Railhead : Barpeta 40 kms.
Road : The roadhead closest to Manas wildlife park is the town of Barpeta Road, which is at a distance of 41 km from the park.

Accommodation Options to Stay There
There are two lodges maintained and run by the tourism department of Assam. These lodges provide good and comfortable accommodation near the sanctuary. One of lodge is located at Barpeta Road and other is at Bansbari. The state department has two bungalows at Mathanguri inside the forest. There is no catering services at these bungalows and lodges so visitors have to carry their own food stuff. But there are cooks at the bungalows who cook food for the tourists. These chefs are provided by the forest department.

Venture Into The Manas
Enter into the park on the elephant's back or in a jeep or by car. These are few options to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat. The ride on elephant is both exciting and enthusing. At Manas you can also venture by a boat on the Manas and Hakua
rivers. But, Elephant ride is the best bet for seeing wildlife here. The park boasts of small meadows located among densely forested foothills with many rivulets, streams and natural drains flowing all around. The park is mainly watered by the river Manas, which also forms the international boundary between India and Bhutan. While passing through the mixed deciduous variety you will come across some rare beauties of the forest.

The Fauna
Manas is one of the best kept parks in Assam India. This is the only tiger reserve in Assam. Manas is home to India’s second-largest tiger population, and you may often have an encounter with tigers as you ride through the park. During your ride you might also see some other beauties. Manas is also famous for the rare golden langur and the red panda. Manas’ other denizens include elephants, rhinos, swamp deer, gaur, and more elusive species, such as the clouded leopard, golden cat, pangolin, fishing cat, pygmy hog and leopard. Some of the other animals sighted while exploring the park are capped langurs, Assamese macaques, slow loris, hoolock gibbons, smooth Indian otters, sloth bears, barking deer, hog deer, sambar and chital

The animal population of Manas National Park Assam is very diverse. Some of the more fierce or potentially aggressive creatures apart from tigers confined in Manas are elephants, rhinos, wild buffaloes, leopards, clouded leopards and the amazingly beautiful and rare black panthers.

The Avifauna
Manas is the most loved home to more than 450 species of birds, of which the great pied hornbill and the Bengal florican are among the leading stars. As you proceed further into the forest you will be welcomed by the sweet melody of some of your favourite bird species. The sanctuary is occupied by both resident and migratory bird species. A spectacular array of Giant Hornbills, Jungle Fowls, Bulbuls, Brahminy Ducks, Khaleej Pheasants, Egrets, Pelicans, Fishing Eagles, Serpent Eagles, Falcons, Scarlet Minivets, Bee-Eaters, Magpie Robins, Pied Hornbills, Gray Hornbills, Mergansers, Harriers, Ospreys and Herons will leave you spellbind. When you reach the Bird Park in the sanctuary you will find some flying, some singing, some fighting, some in a romantic mood and some feeding their baby. The entire scenario is exhilarating.

Additional Punch
Now to adds some extra zest to your wildlife tour go beyond the boundaries of Manas. Manas is close to the Guwahati, the commercial capital of Assam. And, Guwahati has lots in its bag to offer to its visitors. If you are person with religious bent of mind then you can visit the Kamrup Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati. Manas is also close to Hajo (Assam), a center of worship for both Hindus and Buddhists. Hajo is just 25 km from Guwahati. You can also visit Tezpur in Assam, about 180 km from Guwahati. Tezpur has several places to visit.

Extend the Trip
From Tezpur you can extend your trip to Bhalukpong in Arunachal Pradesh. Bhalukpong is a gateway to popular destinations like Tawang and Bomdila both of which boasts of Buddhist Monasteries in Arunachal Pradesh. Other attractions of Bhalukpong are a hot spring, a big orchid garden at Tipi and the unspoilt beauty of nature. The nearest river Jia-Bharali fascinates the anglers. Govt. of Assam, has a tourist lodge at Bhalukpung.

Adventurous Punch
The river Brahmaputra (64 km) flows majestically through the land of Assam. If you are an adventure lover then, you can try you hand in fishing, angling, and river rafting.

Few Difficulties
The trip beyond Guwahati might be a bit difficult, as the mode of transport is too limited. You might not find direct transport communication to the rest of India from Arunachal Pradesh. Very few people can speak English here. The terrain is rugged in Arunachal Pradesh. And, railways do not go to the remote parts of the state. You may not find too luxurious accommodation, but the available one are good enough for all types of tourists. In some cases you may not also find your kind of food.

Few Suggestions
Contact a travel agent before you leave for the northeast India. Be well informed about the place you are going to visit. Try to book a proper guide, who has good knowledge about the northeast India and who can speak and understand the local language. Northeastern people are friendly and inviting, hence try to be friendly to them, it may solve many of your problems.

 Jim Corbett National Park, Resorts in corbett, Corbett National Park Tour Package, Corbett Park Resorts & Hotel Booking, Visit Corbett national Park, Enquiry
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